Standard Request Plan ($20/Request) Records Processing Service Standards 


At Medchart, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and experience for processing their medical record requests. For the Standard Request Plan ($20/Request), we outline in this document the service standards that we commit to meet, as well as the requirements and responsibilities we expect from our requesters in order to minimize delays in the request process. 


1.0 Prerequisites to process a request 

In order for Medchart to begin processing a Request, the following prerequisites must be submitted by the requester to their Medchart Portal: 


1) Client’s full name, date of birth, and healthcard/medical insurance number exactly as it appears on their healthcard/medical insurance card; 

2) Correct contact information of the healthcare provider from which medical records are being sought, including the provider’s current fax number and/or mailing address; 

3) Date range and description of records being sought from the provider; 

4) Consent form that is signed by (i) the client if the client is of legal capacity to authorize for themselves, or (ii) the client’s Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) if the client is a minor or not of legal capacity to authorize for themselves; 

5) A copy of the client’s/SDM’s photo identification uploaded to the client profile on Medchart; 

6) Client’s/SDM’s signature on the consent form matches the signature on the uploaded photo identification; 

7) Where an SDM was required to sign the consent form: A copy of legal SDM supporting documents must be uploaded to the client profile on Medchart that states (i) the name of the client, (ii) the name of the SDM, and (iii) the legal relationship between the SDM and the client that authorizes the SDM to provide medical information consent on behalf of the client.

2.0 Request Processing Schedules 


2.1 Standard Processing Schedule: Providers without prepayment 

The following is Medchart’s processing schedule for Requests to healthcare providers that do not explicitly require mandatory prepayment fees.  

2.2 Standard Processing Schedule: Providers that require prepayment 

The following is Medchart’s processing schedule for Requests to healthcare providers that explicitly require mandatory prepayment fees prior to them beginning their release of information service.  

2.3 Expedited Urgent Processing Schedule (+$20/Request):  Can be added to any request at any time.  


• Do an immediate phone follow-up to the provider to indicate that the request is now urgent. • Do an additional follow-up phone call before the indicated “due date” or within 5 business days after the request was made urgent.   • Inquire about the option to pay the healthcare provider an urgent fee for 48h turnaround time and request an invoice or fee estimate.  • To avoid delay, the law-firm is required to pre-approve up to $300 towards provider request fees and rush fees to the provider. We will seek approval from the law firm if the total provider fee or estimate exceeds the pre-approved amount.   


3.0  Additional processing steps when providers request payment Sometimes a healthcare provider will require an additional fee to process a Request and release records. Medchart will notify the requester within 1 business day of receiving the invoice or fee estimate from the healthcare provider. 

Healthcare providers will often suspend work on a request until payment is received. To avoid delay of payment, the requester must choose one of the following courses of action upon receiving the fee notification from Medchart: 1) Accept the additional fee and approve payment in Medchart Portal; 2) Reject and dispute fee with counter offer (will result in delays); 3) Reject fee and cancel the request. The first two choices result in the timelines and processes described below.

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