1. Get started by clicking the "Request a Record" button.

2. Using the search bar begin typing the name of the clinic you would like to request records from.

3. A list of possible results will appear. Choose the result which matches the information you have on the healthcare provider you would like to request records from.

4. Fill out the request form with all the information pertaining to your request. You can request all records pertaining to your visits or select specific records.

5. Review your order and sign the authorization. This authorization allows us to retrieve records on your behalf. Start the process by clicking the glowing "pencil" icon.

6. Some clinics will require you to have a witness signature for your authorization. You can do this electronically by entering a friend or family members email and name. 

7. Continue by clicking the "Next" button and follow the DocuSign workflow. Click the "sign" icon at the bottom of the authorization and the "Finish" button to complete the authorization process.