Unfortunately, despite clear instruction to provide MedChart with an official invoice for review prior to sending the requested records, a provider may still send both items together. 

In this case, MedChart will follow standard practice of uploading the invoice and requesting you to review and approve it. 

If you approve the invoice, the records will be released immediately.

If the invoice amount is disputed, the records will not be released until a resolution has been reached.

If you initiate an invoice dispute through the portal and the provider is unwilling to reduce the fee, you can choose to manage the dispute directly with the provider. If you inform us of your decision to settle the invoice yourself "offline," MedChart will release the records under good faith that your law firm will pay for said records and come to an agreement with the provider. Final invoices can still be forwarded to MedChart to complete payment on your behalf. 

For cases where a request is cancelled after MedChart has received the invoice and records together, MedChart will send a cancellation notice to the provider stating that the sent records have been securely destroyed. If the provider demands payment for work completed, the requesting law firm will be informed that the invoice remains outstanding and they will be responsible for payment of said invoice. 

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at support@medchart.ca.