Please note that only Admin Users will have this function. 

1. Click on the person icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to toggle to the Organization Information tab. 

2. Under the Organization Information tab, you'll find a section titled Healthcare Provider Invoice Approval. Click on the pencil to set or change the Auto-Approval Threshold and the Admin-Approval Threshold.  

3. On the Edit Approval Thresholds page, you can decide the maximum amount an HIC can request without needing approval from a clerk and the amount that will trigger an approval requirement from an Admin user. Enter the desired amounts in the Threshold Value $ text boxes and then select a User from the Invoice Approval Admin drop-down list. Once done, click Save. 

Note: The difference between the Auto-Approval and Admin-Approval amounts will be flagged for review/approval by the clerks who submitted the request.

Congratulations! You have finished setting your firm's invoice auto-approval limit!

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