Please note that in most cases, MedChart's electronically signed and scanned authorization forms are able to obtain records from healthcare providers across the country. 

In the case of Sick Kids, however, electronic signatures and scanned authorizations are not currently accepted. We are working with them to come to an agreement on an electronic signature policy. Until such an agreement is made, a hard copy (i.e. ink-signed) consent form is needed to get records released from this hospital. 

An overview of the steps required for a Sick Kids records request is as follows:

1.  Have your Client or their parent or legal guardian* sign the paper authorization forms in ink. 

* Please note that the authorization form does not have to be a MedChart authorization as long as it is signed, witnessed, and dated by the Client or their parent or legal guardian and authorizes Sick Kids hospital to release records. *

* Additionally, Sick Kids requires children 12+ years old to sign their own consent forms. If your client is 12 years of age or older, please have them sign the authorization themselves. If your client is under 12 years old, please have their parent or legal guardian sign the authorization. *

2. Mail the original ink-signed consent form to our office. 

Our mailing address is:
503-460 Richmond Street West
Toronto ON
M5V 1Y1

3. Upload any supporting documents as you normally would to your Client's Consents page in the MedChart portal. 

If you require assistance with uploading consents, please read our article Where do I upload client consent forms signed on paper?

4. Create and submit your records request. 

If you require assistance with creating a request, please read our article How to Request Records.

MedChart will take care of ensuring the ink-signed consent forms are submitted to Sick Kids along with the supporting documents you provide to us digitally. 

Great job! You now know how to request records from Sick Kids!

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at