Please follow the below instructions to remotely accept your invitation and register your Medchart account with the Patient-Oriented Portal Project.

Please note that you will need the following things:

  • Access to a computer
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Internet Explorer, Safari, and Edge are not supported browsers. You will not be able to access Medchart properly unless you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Your health card
  • A list of providers you have been treated by

1. Open your preferred internet browser, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

2. Open your personal email inbox and locate the following email "Medchart Invitation from Medchart Patient-Oriented Portal Project." Click the Log-in to Medchart link.

3. Create a password, enter your personal information, and click the box beside "I accept the terms and conditions." 

Please be sure to review your personal information to ensure you have entered everything correctly. The healthcare providers your requests will be directed to will reference these details. If your details are incorrect, your requests may be rejected by the providers.

4. Click Accept.

5. Click the glowing "Open eSignature Window" button.

6. Click the checkbox beside "I agree to use electronic records and signatures" and then click Continue.

7. Scroll down and click the yellow Sign button.

8. Use your mouse (click and hold) to draw your signature and then click Adopt and Sign. 

9. Click the yellow Sign button to add the signature you just created to this authorization. Then click Finish.

Congratulations! Your profile registration is complete! 

Your Patient-Oriented Portal Project coordinator will now need to submit requests to your healthcare providers for you. Please contact with a list of facilities you have been treated at and/or doctors who have treated you.