How to Request Records for your Dependent if you are the Substitute Decision Maker -

This article will provide you detailed instructions on how to request records for a Dependent as a Substitute Decision Maker (SDM). An SDM is a person who is entitled by law to make healthcare decisions on behalf of a patient when that patient lacks the capacity to make the decisions for him or herself.

 Health care decisions can include decisions regarding treatment, admission into a long-term care home, and personal assistive services.

The following list provided is a hierarchy of SDMs according to the Health Care Consent Act, provided for your reference. 

  1. substitute decision-maker under the Health Care Consent Act, for specified purposes
  2. guardian of the person or property
  3. attorney for personal care or property
  4. representative appointed by the Consent and Capacity Board
  5. spouse or partner
  6. parent (not including access parent), or a children’s aid society or other person who is lawfully entitled to consent in the place of the parent
  7. access parent (i.e., a non-custodial parent with only a right of access to the child)
  8. sibling
  9. other relative

A person lower on the list (for example, an access parent) may be the individual’s substitute decision-maker only if no one higher on the list (for example, a custodial parent) exists and meets the criteria for consenting on behalf of the individual. 


Substitute decision-makers must be 16 years of age or older, available, willing, and capable.

1. Log in to your portal with your Medchart account details. If you do not have a Medchart Account; please click here and you will be redirected to a separate article on how to register for a Medchart Account.


2. On the upper left-hand corner, you will see a menu with the following items. Please click the My Profile button (highlighted in a red box). 


3. Upon clicking My Profile you will be directed to the following portal which contains your Account Information, Personal Information, and Profile Image. This page will allow you to edit your Account Information, Personal Information, and also insert a Profile Image if you wish to do so. 


4.  On the upper left-hand corner, please click the Substitute Decision Maker. This will direct you to the page where you can create a profile for your dependent. 

5. On this portal; you will be able to view all of your ‘Current Dependents’; if you would like to create a dependent; please click ‘Create dependent account’ highlighted in red. 

6. Please select the type of authorization you would like to request for based on the type of relationship you have with the dependent.

If you are the parent or guardian of the dependent, please select ‘Parent or Guardian’

If you are unsure of which authorization, you would like to select please contact either or


7. Once you select the type of authorization that you would like to set up for your dependent’s account; the following form will appear. Please complete all the empty fields; especially the fields with a bright red star indicated on it. 

a. Click ‘Create Account’ once you have fully completed all the fields. It is highlighted in red below. 



8. Once you have selected and created the account; you will be prompted to upload a document. This step is critical and necessary to the success of completing your dependent’s profile.

 In order to fully create your dependent’s account, you must upload either a Long Form Birth Certificate or Court Documents Supporting the Signer as Guardian.


Click ‘Choose File’ and upload the required document. Once you select the required document, continue by clicking ‘Upload’. 

 If the upload is successful, you will see the message indicated above. It will tell you that the document has been uploaded. 

9. Once the steps above are all completed, on the left-hand side there is a menu with a variety of items. Continue by clicking ‘My Profile’ and this will direct you to your profile details.


10. Please click on ‘Substitute Decision Maker’ again so you can auto populate all of the dependents that you are now              considered to be the ‘Substitute Decision Maker’ for. 



11. Once the following window appears, click on ‘View Documents’ next to the dependent that you wish to request a              record for. 

 12. Once you click on ‘View Documents’ you will scroll to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page, you will              see the following button. Click on ‘Get Records’


13. The following screen will be prompted once you select ‘Request a Record’; you will have to insert the name of the             provider or the healthcare organization (hospital) that you will like to request for records from. 

14. If you are unable to find the provider, click [+ Add Provider] and a window will allow you to create the provider.            Please try to provide as much accurate information as possible regarding the physician or the organization that you are requesting for health records from.
                        a..Tip: Do a brief search of the organization or the physician in their governing provincial website. 

                            For example: Ontario – Find a Physician – College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario


                    b. Once you have entered your provider’s details. Find your provider in the list below. Click on your provider. 

15. Once you click on your provider, a window will be prompted for you to confirm the details of your provider. Upon             completion of the review, if you would like to continue to request, click ‘Request.’


 16.Select the date range that you require records for, identify which of the types of records you require, and enter a               note to the provider if applicable. 

a. Once complete, click ‘Confirm Request’



17. Once you ‘confirm request’ you will be prompted to the following window. Please click ‘here’ (highlighted by the red circle); which will direct you to ‘Your Record Request Cart.’ 


18.  This window will show you your current and pending requests to providers. On the right-hand side of the window, click the button highlighted button next to the request that you would like to work on. 


 19. You will be required to fill in the following fields. Please put in your email address and your printed name for the                  person who will Witness this consent. 


20. Upon entering the full email address and name of the witness, the following window will appear. 

a.     The following window will appear. Please review the ‘Authorization and Direction’ by clicking the pink ‘Continue’                 button. 

21. Once you have finished reviewing the authorization form; a yellow button will appear on top of the ‘Signature of Patient/SDM’ line. Click this yellow button. Use your mouse to draw your signature. 



 22. Once you have completed the prior steps; you will be redirected to the former window (Record Request Cart). At the         bottom of the page, click ‘Go to Checkout’ so that you can fully complete the record request.  



 23. Once you click ‘Go to Checkout’; you will be directed to the order summary. An order summary will appear. This is             where you will submit payment information to fully complete the record


 We currently ONLY accept Mastercard and Visa to complete the payment for your records request.


Once you finish putting in all of your payment information; go ahead and click Submit Order. 



Congratulations! You have completed and submitted a request for your dependent!

If you have any questions or need help through this process please contact: