This article will discuss how to share your medical records with other parties. These parties could either be your loved ones, other treatment providers, law firms, or insurance companies that you are working directly with. You will be able to manage who has direct access to view your medical records. You can also manage the amount of time they have access to either your medical records or if you are a Substitute Decision Maker (SDM), the records of your dependent.

By accessing this portal, you are also able to view the records of others’ who you may have access to.

  1. On the top left hand side of your portal, click the button with a heart icon, as shown in the image below.



 2. Upon clicking the share button, you will be directed to a portal. From this portal you will have direct access to records that     may be shared with you





 3. Please enter the email address of the party who you would like to share. You will have to provide the email address twice         for verification purposes. Please enter the same email address at the top field and also in the bottom field.






 4. Click ‘Select Items to Share’ – This button will direct you to a portal with all of the medical records and diagnostic imaging results that are currently available to be shared.



 5. On the right – hand side of the portal, you will be able to navigate a scroll-down bar. This bar will allow you to select and      manage the records for you to share.

 If you click on the button, a scroll-down bar next to the record of your choice will appear.



 6. You will have four options to choose from between:


  • None – Default setting of each record; no one can see these records.
  • Read – The shared party is only able to read and view these records.
  • Read/Edit – The shared party can read and make edits on the records.
  • Read/Edit/Delete – The shared party can read, edit, and delete your records.

Congratulations! You have shared your records with another party.

If you continue to experience any issues, please contact either