The Importance of Approving Invoices in a Timely Manner
MedChart strives to fulfill all records requests as soon as possible, but a key step in accessing records is approving the provider invoice for each record before they are released. As physicians charge varying amounts for access to their patients' records, we never agree to their charges before getting the okay from you. This means that it is essential that you take a look at provider invoices and determine whether you will Approve or Refuse payment soon after receiving notification their invoice has been received. Approving the invoice allows us to go back to the physician, tell them their fees have been accepted, and request they begin sending us the records. Delays in reviewing and approving invoices results in delays in the records being released to you. Help us help you to improve the turnaround time for records release by staying on top of your Provider Invoices for Approval.

How to Approve a Provider Invoice

1. Click Action Items.

2. Locate your client's request, click Options and click Download HIC Invoice to review the provider invoice. 

3. If the invoice is reasonable, click the Pay button.

5. Click Pay again to confirm you wish to pay the invoice.

Note: If you would like to see detailed instructions on how to refuse payment for an invoice, please read our article on How to Dispute an Invoice.

Invoice Notifications
You will never need to guess whether there is a provider invoice awaiting your approval because you will receive a notification via email to inform you of the matter. Additionally, you will be able to see on your MedChart Dashboard what Notifications currently exist for you - including whether there are invoices in Pending Requests.

Missing Invoices
On occasion, you may receive a notification - either via email or your Dashboard - stating that there is an invoice requiring review but, despite your best efforts, you can't find it anywhere! Fear not. This is likely because your firm's administrator set an auto-approval threshold for invoices under a certain dollar amount and your invoice fell within that limit. We recommend administrators communicate this limit to all Staff Users for reference. 

How to Set Approval Limits
Please refer to our article How to Set Invoice Auto-Approval Limits for detailed instructions.

Good job! You now know how to approve Provider Invoices!

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